Gourmia Meat Grinder Review GMG525 500W

Gourmia Meat Grinder Review GMG525 500W is a very good meat grinder for home use, it packs power, features and size.  It has three of the qualities that make it ideal for home use.  It is ideal to operate and maintain, only many entry meat grinders it has a reverse feature, in case sometime gets jammed.  Second, it has all the add-ons annd attachments most home cooks would need, like common used grinding plates and a sausage attachment.  Lastly, its compact weight in at only 8.4 pounds or about 3.4 kilos, and at 11.6 x 9.9 x 9.7 inches has the dimensions of a toaster



  • A decent size 500W motor with a peak capacity of 1000W.  While nto as powerful as some more expensive models.  It gets the job done.  It can grind through soft chicken bones
  • Reverse Switch, which is n’t available in most entry level grinders. However, the Gourmia GMG525 has this feature
  • 3 Meat Grinding Plates which are Coarse, Normal and Fine. This enables you to try out different recipes, and experiment with different coarseness of your grinds
  • Bonus Attachment it comes with a food pusher, sausage and kibbeh attachment.
  • ETL Approved means the product has been approve by ETL, a safety standard in United States and Canada that meat are in compliance with nationally recognized standards such as ANSI, IEC, UL and CSA


After unboxing the Gourmia 525, we examined the machine closely before using it. Its solidly built with almost all the parts to be stainless, except the food pusher which is plastic. This surprised us, we didn’t expect it to be this well made. it is solidly built and is very sturdy when place on the table. What surprise me was the weight and size, we didn’t expect it to be so light. MY son, said it looked kinda of toyish, but boy did it prove us wrong.

Now comes the real test, how does it actually work? Well the answer, is very well !!! We put it through some test. We had it grind about 5 pounds of frozen deer. It grind the meat like if it was better, and it took about 3-4 minutes. Finally we tested it on some defrosted chicken breast, we put 4 skinless chicken breast, and again it made short work of the meat. We though it might clog the machine, but it preformed admirably.

After this experiment, now comes the messy job of cleaning it up. Unfortunately, none of the attachments were machine washable, so we had to clean by hand. Fortunately, dismantling the plates and blade was simple, and the whole cleaning process took about 3-4 minutes.


After putting the Gourmia Meat Grinder GMG525 through the paces, we strongly recommend getting it now.  Currently its the best selling meat grinder on Amazon, and we can understand why. If you want to make a comparison with other meat grinders at a similar price point, here is a list of  meat grinders

  • Betitay Electric Meat Grinder. 1800 Watts Max Locked Power Heavy Duty Meat Grinder Stainless Steel Mincer Food Grinder with 3 Cutting Plates, Kubbe Attachment and Sausage Stuff Makers, ETL Approved.
  • Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinderr Mincer Max 1HP 800W, Stainless Steel Blade and 3 Grinding Plates, 3 Types Sausage Makers.

We hope this will help you narrow down your choices.